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Sour Watermelon Spritz 'Uplifting' Gummies (S)

Find yourself the life of the (pool) party with Kiva’s Watermelon Spritz Camino Sours. Energizing, sativalike terpenes meet sharp, juicy watermelon fl avors for a splashy sweet that will leave you feeling refreshingly enlivened.

Type: Edibles, Sweets, Gummies

Effect: Uplifting


100 mg THC Total / 10 x 10 mg THC Doses


Tapioca syrup, sugar, water, pectin, natural flavors, citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate, sodium malate, cannabis extract, fruit and vegetable juice for color, natural terpenes, coconut oil, carnauba wax, terpenes

Camino Gummies by KIVA

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