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Your Live Rosin is produced by hand selecting material from our flower rooms to harvest and freeze immediately.

It is then Hand Washed (no machines used) in a medical grade stainless steel vessel with chilled R/O water & R/O ice. Once submerged in freezing cold R/O water and ice the material is delicately hand stirred and the resin is collected using micron screens. The Resin is then placed onto trays and placed into our pharmaceutical freeze dryers to dry the Bubble Hash using the process of Sublimation. Once the Bubble Hash (Resin) has been dried, it’s gently packed into 37u micron bags to be pressed on a low temp plates rosin press. The extracted live rosin is then collected directly from the parchment paper and placed into jars, which are stored in a cold room at proper temperatures for an extended period of time. Once the product has properly cured it is packaged in our cold room and placed in cold storage in preparation for sale.

Cannabiotix Live Rosin

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