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Mount Gelato is a cannabis masterpiece born from the union of Gelato 33 and Secret Male. With dense light green nugs speckled with violet hues and glistening trichomes, it's a visual marvel. Its aroma is a delightful rollercoaster, reminiscent of opening a bag of Sweet Tarts candy with a tingling sour fruit finish. The flavor is an indulgence, leaving a pink bubblegum sorbet sweetness on the palate. This balanced strain offers a gentle, tingling body sensation that relaxes muscles and may relieve pain while allowing functional productivity. With a THC content of 35.069% and a total cannabinoid content of 35.613%, Mount Gelato invites you to ascend to the peak of cannabis pleasure, whether you seek relaxation or a delightful escape.

Mount Gelato By “HEIGHTS”

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